Serbian Spas

In Serbia there are over 1,000 cold and warm mineral water springs, and a great wealth of natural mineral gases and medicinal mud. In over 53 thermal resorts, the benefits of which even the ancient Romans enjoyed, spa therapies have been adapted to treat a wide range of health ailments and diseases and involve drinking medicinal water or taking medicinal baths.
Vrnjačka Banja spa is located in central Serbia, 200 km south of Belgrade. It rests on the slopes of Goč mountain and in the valleys of the Vrnjačka and Lipovačka rivers. Vrnjačka Banja is between 220 and 300 m above sea-level, depending on the part of the town, which can be reached by taking the main Belgrade-Kraljevo road and the Belgrade-Niš-Skopje highway via Pojate. Vrnjačka Banja has seven mineral springs, four of which are used in spa therapies. The Topla Voda spring, which is unique because it is the same temperature as the human body (36.5°C), is of the carbonic acid homeothermic type and is used for drinking and bathing. The cold mineral springs, Snežnik (17°C), Jezero (27°C) and Slatina (14°C), are of the alkaline-earth type.
Sokobanja is located in southeastern Serbia, between the Ozren and Rtanj mountains, on the banks of the Moravica river. It lies 400 m above sea-level and is 230 km from Belgrade. The natural therapeutic factors in Sokobanja are the thermal mineral springs (with temperatures ranging from 28 to 45.5°C), which are used for bathing and inhalation, and the moderate continental climate characterised by favourable atmospheric pressure, moderate rainfall, little fog and a few windy days, a high concentration of oxygen, ozone and negative ions in the air and an absence of air pollution.
Banja Kanjiža spa is located in northern Serbia, on the right bank of the Tisa river. It is 40 km from Subotica and 120 km from Novi Sad. Kanjiža can be reached via the Belgrade-Novi Sad-Subotica-Horgoš highway and the Belgrade-Subotica railway line. The spa is located in a large park and stands 87 m above sea-level. The spa has a continental climate, with warm summers and cold winters. The thermal mineral waters are hyperthermal, with temperatures of between 51 and 72°C, and contain sodium, hydrocarbonate, iodine, bromide and sulphide. Curative mud – peloid – is used during treatments.

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