Modern Guardians of Tradition

Scattered all over mountain slopes or located along the winging rural roads, “ethno” villages are reviving the old, traditional way of life and customs. These villages look alike villages from the past. Any of these tradition oases will reveal Serbian traditional architecture, as well as the legend which sticks to it. “Ethno” village is a place that preserves the heritage of one nation and resists the ravages of time.


As faithful guardians of the traditional way of life, they are mostly surrounded by lush nature and numerous historical and cultural monuments. Preserved nature, fresh air, clean water and healthy food and also hospitality of Serbian peasants are the main advantages of these places which offer a refreshing respite from urban life.


Various activities such as hunting and fishing, hiking, horseback riding, collecting berries and herbs enrich your stay in these places. There you can enjoy in traditional food and drinks, but also to be involved routine activities in the household.


Indulge yourself in the preparation of popular traditional dishes or start the adventure of making plum brandy, wine, honey, pickled food…

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