Duck Hunting

Deliblato Sands, unique sandstone in Europe, originated from the gradual withdrawal of the former Panonian Sea. It is located in southern Banat, one of three Vojvodina’s regions. Kovin and Bela Crkva are towns on its edges. Geomorphologic uniqueness, a large number of endemic plants and animal species, as well as the location along banks of the Danube, make this area very attractive. The banks of the Danube, with several sunken islands, covered with reeds, are an ideal habitat for many species of migratory birds, ducks, geese… Hunting season is open from September 1st until February 28th. During that period, birds stay for a while in river island Ada Čibuklija to take a rest during their long journey to south. Approaches to hunting grounds are provided in waiting-lodges and via river, on boats and ships. We will be hosted with the famous fish stew, perch and catfish on the grill. In addition to hunting, fishing and the delicious food, the hosts will provide us the possibility of photo-safari.


Bela Crkva is a small town surrounded by a dozen lakes. It is the center of hunting tourism in this part of Serbia. Tourists can enjoy in preserved nature, hunt wild animals, fishing, enjoy the culinary specialties of the region and experience an unforgettable adventure.

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Deliblato Sands
Position: Vojvodina - 44° 54' 11" N; 21° 08' 10" E
Distance from Belgrade: 60 km (37 mi)
Area: 380 km2 (146.72 sq mi)
UNESCO List Special Natural Reserve – since 2002