Kalemegdan summer festival

There are a large number of outdoor events that you can visit in the summertime during your Belgrade tour. One of them is Kalemegdan Summer Festival which is happening for the first time this year, with the intention of becoming the Belgrade’s Tradition. Festival will last throughout the summer, it will be held for a couple of days each month (in the months of June, July and August).

The concept of Kalemegdan Summer Festival was conceived as a project that would convert the Belgrade fortress into a symbol of superior entertainment. During the summer, best parties in the city will be held at this location. Kalemegdan Summer Festival will host three major events: Happy Life, Serbia Wonderland and Tropical Inn.

Happy life event will be held on 5th and 6th of July 2015 at the outdoor basketball court of the BC Partizan . It is a top techno spectacle, with the lineup that will delight the visitors; this event marks a beginning of the fantastic summer festival at the Belgrade fortress. Legendary Sharam Tayebi from the world-famous DJ duo Deep Dish is opening the festival and he is promising a huge spectacle. The lineup for the Happy Life event: Opening Sharam (Deep Dish), Jeremy Olander (Stockholm), Tumalon (Germany), John Belk (Belgrade), Marko Milosavljevic (Belgrade), Speedy (Belgrade), TKNO (Pozarevac), Estray a.k.a Vod Marjanovic (Belgrade) and The Suburban’s (Belgrade). Ticket price for this first part of the festival is 700 RDS, while Belgrade Fortress provided a special price for a set of tickets for all 3 events in the amount of 2500 RSD for the first 1000 visitors.

Serbia Wonderland is a second part of the festival. Fairytale design and best music festival of EDM music in Serbia , with world famous EDM artists, will be held 2nd and 3rd of July 2015. The venue of the festival, this year will be a symbol of the city - the Kalemegdan Fortress. The most attractive location in Belgrade will shine a multitude of special effects and performers, like those that can be seen on the world's leading festivals, and the settings of Kalemegdan will give a new dimension to this magical festival.The lineup for the Serbia Wonderland event: Paul van Dyk (Berlin), Dannic (Breda), MaRLo (Melbourne), Orjan Nilsen (Kirkenes), Code Black (Sydney), Zap Me Strobe (Belgrade), Cavin Viviano (Belgrade), Rosske (Belgrade), Erik Iker, Ikerya project (Belgrade), Matalive (Belgrade),Showbiz (Belgrade), Stereo Republic (Belgrade).

Tropical Inn is the third part of the festival which will be held on 28th and 29th of August 2015. The Night filled with hot techno beats and the colorful tropical scenery that will take you to distant lands. Dancing until the early morning hours is fully guaranteed with the lineup of the event. August 28th will be marked by one of the world 's largest deep and tech house music labels " Suara night" which brings our guest and its founder Coyu , as well as international stars of this musical genre Tube & Berger , whose mega hit " Imprint Of Pleasure " was issued for Suara records. August 29th is reserved for the best local tech house and techno DJs and it’s the entrance is free.

Visit Belgrade this summer and became a part of the unique spectacle.