Gardos Tower

Gardos Tower is located in the Belgrade’s municipality of Zemun at Gardos which rises on the right bank of the Danube River and is the natural lookout to the area across the river. Located on the slopes of the hill with its tower and preserved the old architecture, Gardoš is the major historical landmark of Zemun and one of the stops that we recommend on your Belgrade tour.

Zemun is just another piece of the puzzle called Belgrade which to some extent explains why this city is so colorful and diverse and it suits every taste.

Gardoš Tower or Millennium Tower is a memorial tower located in Belgrade, Serbia. It was built and officially opened on August 20, 1896 to celebrate a thousand years of Hungarian settlement in the Pannonia plain. As part of Old Town core of Zemun, and also located in the middle of the Zemun Fortress, the tower is protected both as Spatial Cultural-Historical Unit of Great Importance, and as a Protected Monument of Culture.

Millennium Tower on Gardos is only the part of the rich cultural heritage of Zemun municipality of Belgrade and part of the broader environmental entity the "Gardos Hill” which in addition to the tower includes the remains of the fortress walls that are dating back to the fourteenth century.

Belgrade tour, Gardos

Existing walls with four circular towers represented in so-called Gothic type were built in the late fourteenth and early fifteenth century. According to historians this place was a settlement of fishermen and small artisans.

To mark the thousandth anniversary of their reign in Pannonia , the Hungarians raised a monumental memorial tower in Budapest in 1896 and raised another four such towers in the four cities located at the edges their former kingdom. Zemun as the most southern city in the possession of the Hungarian crown was one of the four cities.

Tower was designed by the Hungarian architects and represents the eclectic mixture of historical styles with a focus on the Roman elements. Construction was completed on August 5th, 1896 with the grand opening after 15 days. The whole area around the tower today is a popular promenade of Belgrade and Zemun residents. Millennium Tower is is also called after the Hungarian hero and great fighter against the Turks, Janos Hunyadi who actually died in the medieval fortress that was previously on Gardos Hill ,440 years before the millennium tower was built.

According to historical data Gardos name is of Slavic origin or an altered form of old Serbian word "city (grad)”, to which Hungarians later added the suffix “oš “. The hill has the dominant position over the alluvial plain, where the ancient “TAURUNUM” was previously built that had marked the beginning of the later medieval and modern Zemun .

Zemun has been physically separated from Belgrade for a long time in history and they were parts of different kingdoms. Later they were separated by the swamp area that was later dried and New Belgrade was built on this ground that later merged with Zemun.

This part of Belgrade exudes with a different spirit and has a different architecture, so that you walk along the Gardos or the Danube Promenade you can easily think that you are in a completely different city.